A World of Lace. How to Store Lace

Posted by Administrator on 6/22/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas
If you are anything like me, storing your growing lace collection can get a little out of control and you'll end up forgetting what you have on hand!

image by Katies Rose Cottage

The simplest lace storage solution I use for my personal lace stash is to keep my lace in little fishing tackle boxes or in clear plastic shoe boxes.  They are either wound on acid-free cards or on empty toilet rolls!  I would love to say I keep them sorted by colour & width (my ideal) but I never get that organised!

My mother-in-law keeps all her lace bundles stored in large zip-lock bags, sorted in colour, width & lace type (ie cotton laces, venice laces, polyester laces etc).

Laces that I have for sale on our Little Tee Tee website are kept nice and handy to my work table & stored on their reels or wound on cards.

There are so many wonderful lace storage solutions suggestions online.  I have put a collage together of some of my favourites.  Visit my pinterest account to view all the original links & to see even more storage solutions.

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