Behind the Scenes - the Little Tee Tee workroom

Posted by Administrator on 5/12/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas
what Little TeeTee is about:
Little Tee Tee is about passion and creativity and sharing ‘pretties with the world. Our online store is a place to inspire Do-It-Yourself creators in their crafting and sewing projects.

We specialise in stocking a huge range of trims, laces, doilies and embellishments. Little Tee Tee also showcases finished handmade items that utilise our products and are either for sale or inspiration for our customers.

Based in NSW we are often seen at a variety of designer markets, where customers are blessed with the opportunity to touch, feel and buy the goodies that we sell.

why I started my little business:
Oh so many reasons ... One of the big ones was to make 'coffee money' whilst being a stay-at-home mum! My sanity-saving pleasure was to relax over a coffee but the guilt of spending money when I wasn't earning any was a heavy weight at the back of my mind. All I needed was $3.50 a day - not exactly a high achiever in those early days!

I also realised that I needed a creative outlet to break up my day. I dabbled with a few different things (iced cupcake toppers, decorated cookies etc) but finally teamed up with a girlfriend to sew.

When the time came for our family to relocate back to Australia in 2010 I knew I would be lost without sewing! So this was when Little Tee Tee was born, with the name being a dedication to my own two ‘girlie’ girls and the nicknames they have earned along the way.

When playing in the world of pretties, I soon discovered a real lack of beautiful yet affordable trims in the Australian market and saw lots of customers wanting to try their hand at the creative world. So in 2011 the trims & laces side of the business started, and literally took off!

what inspires me:
What isn't there to be inspired about when playing with laces, trims and embellishments! It may sound cliche but my girls really are my inspiration. I want to prove to them that women/ mums can play a successful part in the business world, but achieve this whilst being available for their children.

With both girls now at school, I work like a crazy, happy woman in a world of lace and pearls and chiffon through the school day, so I can then greet them at the school gate with a smile and a listening ear.

I am blessed with a supportive husband also, who understands when I creep back into the sewing room, once the children are asleep to finalise orders for the day.

Visit Little Tee Tee online HERE and engage with us on facebook HERE.

A HUGE thank you for the talented award-winning photographer (& my friend) Felicity of Felicity Thomson Photography.