DIY - 8 Ways to Use Bridal Appliques in your Wedding

Posted by Administrator on 2/10/2015 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

Little Tee Tee stocks an extensive range of rhinestone appliques which are perfect for bridal/special-occasion wear. If you are looking to put your personal touch on your wedding day and are excited at the thought of a bit of DIY creating, you can convert these inspirational wedding accessories into your own masterpiece whilst saving hundreds of dollars in the process!

Photo via pinterest

Photo via pinterest

Image from The Louvre Bridal

image from Annamarie Akins Photography

image from Allan Zepeda

image from artfully wed

image from la gartier garters

image from pinterest

Feeling inspired and ready to create?  Please hop over to our Little Tee Tee DIY embellishments website to choose the pieces to make your occasion shine sparkle.