D.I.Y - How to make a quick & easy fabric flower halo

Posted by Administrator on 9/30/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

Gone are the days that flower halos are reserved for brides or flowergirls of the '80's. Head for your local Fashionista-haunt or even just flick through a few tv channels & you are bound to see the new breed of bold floral halos brightening up the street-scape.

Whilst I would love to head to the local florist each morning to select a fresh, floral halo to match my outfit, the practicalities overrule! Not only will fabric flower halos last for more than one outing, I dare say they cost a whole heap less and are every bit as sweet & whimsical.

To make a Little Tee Tee inspired halo (like the one photographed above) you will need the following:

  • at least 12 fabric flowers from our peony range HERE. We used aqua, light purple & mauve.
  • a pre-made elastic headband HERE. I used the 'ruffled stretch headband' but you can use any of the soft headbands in store. Alternatively you can purchase some of our stretch lace (sold in metre lengths) to make your own headband.

Step 1:

We used the sewing machine to attach the flowers but you can just as easily use a needle and thread. If you are seriously adverse to sewing you could even use a hot glue gun ... although the risk of burning your fingers is high, and the flowers may not stay on as long as ones that have been sewn!

Step 2:

  • Find the centre of your first flower and place it against your headband.
  • Run a few stitches back and forth over the centre of the flower, ensuring you are connecting to the headband.
  • Grab the next flower, place it fairly close to the first and attach that too. I tend to overlap the petals of each flower so the end result is a nice 'full' halo. Remember that when the headband is worn it will be stretched and the flowers will be spaced further apart - thus the reason to sew them close together.
  • Keep attaching all the flowers using the same method above. We used 3 different colours and kept the colours in an even pattern.

Step 3:

  • Once all flowers are sewn in place, leaving no headband showing, carefully trim the excess thread away.

Tip: to save time, I don't bother cutting the thread between sewing on each flower until the very end. I also tend to use a zig-zag stitch - but that is just my personal preference!

Tip: If you plan to wear the flower halo under your hair (ie the elastic at the back being under your hair rather than on top) you may wish to sew the fabric flowers only part way around the band to ensure your hair sits flat over them.

And, ta-daaa ... you have created your very own floral headband in a matter of minutes ... well in about 15 or so minutes, but who's counting?

Whether you have long or short locks, the flower halo is definitely one of this seasons must-have accessories!

Little Tee Tee stock a huge array of colours in the 'peony' fabric flower range meaning you can make a multitude of colour combinations to suit your wardrobe.

To give you a little help in selecting your first halo colour-combination, I have put together three limited edition 'Flower Halo DIY kits'. The first kit has the three colours photographed in the tutorial - aqua, mauve and light purple; the second is in sugar-sweet hues of pink & peach; and the third reflects the current season trend of ultra-brights - hot pink, fluoro orange & aqua. Purchase your starter pack today from HERE.

But wait, there's more: select 3 colours from our peony range that you think would look fabulous as a flower halo and I will select one entry to receive your custom-made combination. Leave your comments below ... and be sure to check out our colour range online at www.littleteetee.com.au (type in 'peonies' in the search box).