DIY - How to make fabric flowers / lace flowers

Posted by Administrator on 10/13/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas
Handmade lace flowers have to be one of my favourite projects for so many reasons:
  • It's a quick 5 minute project
  • Everyone can do it ... kids included.  And because it is such a quick project they don't get bored because beautiful results are quickly seen
  • The finished project can be used to embellish almost anything!
  • It justifies the existence of my HUGE box of lace scraps!

  • A piece of lace.  I haven't given you a specific measurement because you really won't know 'how long' until you play with that particular piece!  Just know that wide lace will make a large flower, skinny lace will make a small flower.
  • A needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Your choice of embellishments.

Don't have a ready supply at your fingertips?  I will leave a little shopping list at the bottom of the tutorial to link you to the pieces I used from our Little Tee Tee supplies shop.

(below) Start close to the edge of your lace - this will be the centre of the flower and you want your stitches close to the edge to avoid a thick centre.

Tie a knot at the beginning of your lace so you don't accidentally pull the thread all the way through!

(below) Use a simple 'running stitch' to make your ruffles.  ie Move your needle up & down along your hemline, making sure to keep the sections between your stitches fairly even.

(below) Keep checking your gathered lace to see if you have enough to make your flower.  Push the lace gently along your thread, towards your first stitch, to achieve the fullness you are looking for.

Once you are happy with the flower shape, cut the remaining lace away. Be sure to make the cut AFTER your stitch!

(below) I like to run the needle through all the gathers a few times to ensure it doesn't unravel.  Once it feels nice and secure, tie off your thread with a couple of simple loop knots.

(above) And there you have a very quick and easy, lace flower! 

And now the real fun begins with embellishing it.  You can use so many different embellishments to achieve such different looks.  I have played with a few to give you some ideas...

(below)  Attach one of our Little Tee Tee chiffon flowers (ie 'peonies') to the centre of the lace.  You may wish to stop there ... or keep going!  We then added a sweet cotton bow motif to the centre of the peony which changed the whole look of the finished product once more.  And by adding a cute heart button you can achieve a super sweet, layered embellishment!

As promised, here is a link list to the Little Tee Tee supplies used in this tutorial.

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