DIY - Pretty flower bunting

Posted by Administrator on 5/26/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas
The perfect setting for a little tea party - a nook in the garden with floral bunting draped from a tree. Divine!

This bunting is REALLY easy to make - perfect for beginners or anyone needing a super quick project to add magic to an event.

What we used:
4.5 metres of our cotton embroidered lace HERE
fabric flowers (peonies on mesh) x 11 lots Purchase 4 lots of peony pink, 3 lots of light pink & 4 lots of pink.
Sewing Machine or needle and thread.

  • I cut our flower strands into groups as follows: 'peony pink' - 6 strands of 5 flowers, 'pink' - 6 strands of 6 flowers, and 'light pink - 4 strands of 4 flowers
  • Pin the strands onto the lace. I pinned the peony pink flowers first, pinning approx every 1/2mtr. I left around 85cm at each end blank (ie don't pin the flowers there) to make sure there was plenty of lace to tie around the tree branch.

  • After pinning the peony pink flowers in place, I then moved onto the 'pink'. I pinned these roughly 17cm up from the other flowers. You can get more mathematical than me & making them exactly even but I didn't see the need!
  • Lastly, pin the light pink flower strands inbetween the 'pink' and the next 'peony pink'.
  • Sew one continuous line along the cotton lace, making sure you catch all the flower strands. Hold the petals out of the way as you go ... and be sure not to run over your pins!
  • And that's it!!!