DIY Tutorial - Pink & Lilac Headband

Posted by Administrator on 5/20/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

This stunning headband is easier to make than it looks ... and only costs a mere $8 in supplies!

Follow our easing pictorials to help you make your own masterpiece.

- 1 x pale pink & 1 x lilac peony.
- 1 x lilac small beaded flower.
- 1 x victorian filigre button
- 1 x pink satin headband
- 1 x pink dotty flower
- 1 x large felt pad
- 1 x crochet flower doily
- glue gun

  • Visually figure out where you want your embellishment cluster will sit. I personally like it slightly off centre (to one side)
  • Run a length of hot glue along the inside of the headband, the same length as the felt pad, and stick the pad in place.

  • Attach your doily to the top of the pad. Glue one half at a time so you can properly position the doily in place.

  • Take the first peony & find the centre of the flower. Place a dollop of hot glue in the centre and press the flower onto one corner of your felt pad. I chose a section where the doily didn't quite cover the felt.

  • Repeat the above step, positioning the pink peony flower beside the lilac one.

  • Take the small, lilac, beaded flower & attach it to the headband with more hot glue. Place it in between the two peony flowers, applying pressure until the glue dries.

  • Add the final touches with a button & small dotty flower... and you're done!