High Tea - girls birthday party

Posted by Administrator on 7/3/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

Last week we hosted a combined 'High Tea' birthday party for both our daughters (6yrs & 8yrs) for 20 of their friends. And what an occasion! I thought I'd share our party planning ideas for anyone contemplating hosting a high tea.

Table decoration essentials:
  • Pretty table cloths (one table had a ruffled table cloth & the other had a plain white cloth with a lace curtain draped on top)
  • Crockery - I scoured all the local op shops so every guest had a china tea cup & saucers. Yes, a big risk with 20 little girls but mugs or paper cups just wouldn't give the same effect!
  • An abundance of flowers - We raided a friends camellia tree and bought a couple of mixed flower bouquets. Place a few flowers in a little milk bottle & place 4 or 5 bottles on each table

The Venue:
Our house just doesn't have the room to host 20 little girls so we hired a local community hall. To define our 'high tea' space we erected two gazebos (one for each birthday girl) & draped pink tulle & rows of fabric flowers (available at www.littleteetee.com.au) from each post.

A separate table was set up for all the food to keep the party tables clutter free. A row of pretty, vintage inspired bunting was made from scrapbooking paper, purchased at Kmart. Cheap, easy & effective!

Milk bottles, full of flowers & meringue sticks, were decorated with delicate lace (available at www.littleteetee.com.au). Another inexpensive & easy craft project (ie hot glue gun the lace in place).

On the High Tea Menu:
We decorated cookies with rolled fondant, iced flowers & pearl cachous. With each guests name iced on the cookies, we used them as edible place-cards.

We made cookie hats by drizzling icing over a marshmallow sitting on top of a round marie biscuit. Little fondant flowers decorated the hat cookies.

Little skewers of coloured meringue kisses stood in mini milk bottles on the table. (tip: hold the meringues in place with a bit of fondant or royal icing).

I won't pretend that I baked the remainder of the party food. I learnt the hard way that kids don't really appreciate the hours spent in the kitchen ... so I bought it all! Little packets of jam sponge rolls, tic toc biscuits, jam shortbread, chocolate muffins & lamingtons went down a treat. I must say that it was nice to see that the strawberries were a huge hit too.

Pink milk, poured from a pretty teapot, & pink lemonade quenched our girls thirst.

The Party Bags
We purchased clear pillow boxes, filled it a few little lollies & a bangle, and tied an aqua lace bow around it. Our daughters had some pre-party fun by making each party guest a pretty ring using Little Tee Tee's small beaded flowers & hot gluing them onto our filigree rings. These rings make a gorgeous, inexpensive keep-sake under $2.

The Cake
Now, I'm not a cake-decorator but I was pleasantly surprised with how easy this swirl cake was to make. I watched a couple of you-tube videos & here's the result ...

The second cake (remember this was a combine party for both our daughters) took a little longer in the making. The girls loved making these little flowers out of rolled fondant a few days before the party, and they had just as much fun helping arrange them on top of the cake the morning of their party.

Party Activities
We had a headband creating station for all the girls to make a special hairpiece for the party. Each girl chose from a variety of Little Tee Tee fabric flowers which were hot glue gunned by myself.

The room was awash in floral headbands!

Other tea party games you can play are:
Pin the teacup on the teapot, Sugar cube on spoon races, musical chairs, pass the parcel, vintage dress-up relays.