Tutorial: How to create 'wings' on singlet shirts

Posted by on 8/8/2014 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

Our exclusive 'Kristen' collars can easily transform a plain kids singlet into something stunning ... and all in just a matter of minutes. This project is definitely suited to beginner crafters and can be either hand or machine stitched.

neck trim (11).jpg
  • Fold your Kristin collarto find the centre of the piece.
  • Pin the centre of the collar to the centre of your singlet strap. This particular collar is sewn on the outside of the shirt because it has a really pretty border.
  • Now pin the remainder of the collar in place, around the singlet armhole.
  • Now sew a simple stitch, joining the collar to the shirt. Don't forget to back-stitch (ie sew a few stitches forward then a few stitches back) at both the ends of your collar to ensure your stitching won't undo.
  • Do the same for the other armhole and you are done! Simple and stunning :)

neck trim (11a).jpg

Purchase your Kristin collars in either white or black HERE.

Want a vintage-inspired look instead of using the white Kristen wing collar? Our Lulu embroidered collars can be used exactly the same as the above.

neck trim (14).jpg