Tutorial: How to make a Rosette Headband

Posted by Administrator on 3/26/2014 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

This is perhaps the easiest tutorial I've ever presented to you but the end result was so pretty that I had to share!  Definitely suitable for a beginner crafter ... although take care with the hot glue gun - she likes to bite!

What you will need:

  • Hot glue gun
  • Headband - we used a metal one
  • Rosette lace on mesh (available here)

Step 1:

(Above photos)
  • Run a line of glue on the right side of your headband and glue the rosettes in place. Leave a little section lace-free on the very ends.
  • Run a line of glue along the inside of the headband and very carefully fold the mesh base in and onto the glue. Warning: the glue will seep through the mesh and burn your fingers. Be careful!!!

Step 2:
  • Keep gluing sections along your headband until you reach the end.
And there you have it! If you were to sell these headbands I would suggest neatening the inside of the band using either a plain ribbon or by cutting a thin strip of felt and gluing it to hide the mesh mess. If the project is just for yourself you can skip this step if you wish.

You could also jazz the headband up with a few large flower embellishments if you want something more striking. Simple or sweet, the choice is yours.