Tutorial: How to make a Shabby Chic Sash

Posted by Administrator on 5/12/2014 to Tutorials / Craft ideas
Tutorial: How to make a Shabby Chic Sash
Sometimes it's fun to overlook the purpose for which a product was actually designed for & use it in a completely different way.  Lets take a traditional embroidered collar and create something a little different in today's tutorial.


DIY instructions:

  1. Cut your ribbon to desired length and it in half, pinching to mark the half-way position.
  2. Position your collars on either side of the halfway point, leaving a little gap to attach the flower later. Use at least two pins to hold in place - one at either end of each collar.

3. Starting at one end, sew along the top of the collar, ensuring the edge is kept level to the top of the ribbon.
4. Back-stitch (ie double the thread back on part of the previous stitch) at every corner to secure in place.
5. Continue sewing across the gap between the two embroidered collars and keep going to the end.

You are now ready to attach your centerpiece flower...

6. Fold the top layer of petals back so you can hide your stitches from view. Stitch back & forth a few times to hold the flower in place.
Do this to the opposite side of the flower as well to hold it in place securely, as shown in the bottom photo of the collage.

7. Trim away loose threads and you're finished!

There are so many ways you can use this pretty sash, not just as an eye-catching belt ...

... Add a touch of shabby chic to a room and use the sash as a curtain tie, or wrap it around the top of a cabinet or bookshelf to add sparkle.

So next time you view our range of embellishments, push the boundaries and have some fun!

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