Tutorial: How to sew crochet doily sleeves. Part II

Posted by Administrator on 8/13/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas
This tutorial is Part II of our instructions on how to add doily sleeves to singlets. It suits anyone who doesn't have an overlocker/serger but is also a gorgeous alternative to the single-layered sleeve look.

(Link to: Part I - Adding doily sleeves by using an overlocker)

  • Fold your doily to get a straight, sewing line. I like to fold it so one length is shorter than the other so it looks layered.
  • Fold it in half again, keeping the straight sides together.
  • Pin the centre of the fold to the centre of your shoulder straight. I always pin it to the underside of the strap but you could sew to the top if you prefer. The shorter layer is the top layer. Make sure you have positioned the doily so that it will cover the shoulder instead of going inwards towards the neck.
  • The last photo is just a reminder to sew from the underside of your garment to ensure you catch the edge. You can either machine stitch or hand stitch the doily in place.
Part I - Adding doily sleeves by using an overlocker

To add more embellishments to your top:

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