Tutorial: How to sew on chiffon neck trims

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One of the quickest ways to upcycle something currently in your wardrobe, or perhaps personalize something new, is by using a gorgeously detailed neck trim like our 'Faith' applique. The soft, flowing ruffles are already pre-sewn onto a mesh base, making it so simple and quick to transform your garment.

What you will need:

Step 1

Position your applique onto your garment and pin in place.You don't have to position it the way shown here - have a play and figure out what you like best.  Pin only the mesh base section to your garment by holding the chiffon out of the way as you pin.  Be sure only to pin to the top layer of your garment!

Step 2
Choose a small zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine which will allow a bit more movement than a straight stitch provides.  That's a personal preference and you can just as happily use a straight stitch. 
When you lay your shirt on your sewing machine be sure to separate the top layer from the bottom layer to avoid sewing the two together. You can tuck the back of the shirt under the throat plate while sewing the top line of the applique (like shown below) but for the rest of the applique you will need to just bunch the back up & be cautious of not catching the back of the shirt in your sewing.

Make sure you remove your pins before running over them!

Avoid pulling your applique/shirt around a corner otherwise you will end up with puckers in your shirt. When you find yourself wanting to guide the stitch around a curve, stop sewing and lower the needle into your garment; raise the sewing foot; turn the garment/applique gently around to your your next sewing line; lower the needle; start sewing again.

Step 3
Lay your garment on a flat surface and decide where you wish to place your embellishment.  I chose the area where the ruffles end in a circle (see below left): the perfect place for this large round flower to sit neatly.

Fold the first layer of petals up so that you can pin the flower into position (see top right).  I used two pins to secure the flower in place. As you can see in the photo above, once you let go of the first layer of petals you won't see your sewing line.

Step 4
With the top layer of petals held out of the way, sew your flower in place using a straight stitch.  You can use the middle gems as a guide to where you sew your flower.

Again, don't force your applique/garment around corners.  Use the stop - lower needle - lift foot - move garmet - lower needle - resume sewing method we discussed in Step 3

The photo below shows your finished creation from the front and then I turned the top inside-out to show you my sewing line (not a pretty picture but helpful, I hope!)

It really is a very simple procedure to sew using our 'Faith' chiffon appliques.  Once you have mastered one, will you be able to resist playing with all the other colours available in our range?!?

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