Tutorial: How to sew with doilies

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Tutorial: How to sew with doilies
Previously we shared our tips for sewing our sweet fabric hearts onto a cotton doily (see tutorial HERE). Today we'll show you how to sew the actual doily onto a child's singlet, but you can use the same methods to sew it onto a variety of other creations - eg bunting, pillows, cushions, handbags. 


Step 1
Use a couple of pins to hold your applique in place - centre, sides and bottom.
  •  I don't use any iron-on-stabilizers.
  • Separate the front of the shirt from the back as you pin so you don't join the layers together by accident.

Step 2
When you lay your shirt on your sewing machine be sure to separate the top layer from the bottom layer to avoid sewing the two together. I bunch the back up so I'm just sewing the doily to the front of the shirt. (You may also want to detach the free arm so you have a little area around the throat plate.)
  • I use a small zig-zag stitch to allow a bit more movement than a straight stitch provides. 
  • I tend to start sewing in the centre dip of the heart.
  • The key tip here is to avoid pulling your doily/shirt around a corner otherwise you will end up with an unrecognisable applique shape!  When you find yourself wanting to guide the stitch around a curve, stop sewing and lower the needle into your garment; raise the sewing foot; turn the garment/applique gently around to your your next sewing line; lower the needle; start sewing again.
  • You will need to follow the same method to sew around the top curves of the heart - once going into the curve, and again to head down into the centre of the heart.  This will ensure you keep the nice shape of your heart.

You may notice the finished seam of the shirt & doily seems a little bumpy in appearance, this is normal and will iron out nicely.

You can use the same guidelines to sew with any shaped doilies now.  Mix up the centre embellishment from heart appliques to fabric flowers ... so many gorgeous combinations to discover.

Learn how to sew sleeves using one large doily HERE.

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