Updating your wardrobe on a budget {neck trims & fabric flowers at the ready}!

Posted by Administrator on 7/16/2013
I know I am not alone when I say I have stood in front of my packed wardrobe and commented 'I have nothing to wear'. You can just hear the steam escaping from hubbies ears as he surveys the shelves full of tops and racks full of dresses. Even better, you can hear the little calculator ticking in his head as he translates that sentence into the financial spiral of a complete wardrobe update!

This year I have chosen the cheaper wardrobe update by 'upcycling' my current garments and keeping new purchases to a few bargain-priced items that I can add my own embellishments too. Believe me when I say that embellishing is easier than it looks and you don't even need a sewing machine - a good old-fashioned needle & thread can work wonders!

The easiest way to upcycle a garment - dress, top, jumper or cardy - is by using a premade neck applique like the ones pictured below:

This style of neck applique is as simple as pinning the applique to the neckline of your garment & machine or hand stitching along the top row (zig-zag stitch is recommended). If you wanted to add some more detail to your top/dress you could add a few fabric flowers to one side, sitting on one shoulder.

If you don't want a full neck applique you can opt for something that just sits on one shoulder. The following appliques are perfect for such a look:

Once again, these fabric appliques are easy to attach to a top by pinning it to your garment then sewing around the outside. Most large appliques are attached to a mesh base which means you can sew directly onto the base instead of having your stitch lines appear on the actual applique.

You can leave those appliques as-is or you may wish to add fabric flowers on or around the trim to 'build up' your design, like so:

Here (above) we have used the 'Trixie' fabric applique which is just the ivory chiffon and lace petals you can see in the photo. Behind the Trixie applique we attached three fabric flowers in a pretty shade of Candied Ginger. This type of fabric flower is my staple ... I use them EVERYWHERE because they are so easy to sew, don't fray easily, and come in a huge variety of colours.

In the centre section of the 'Trixie' fabric applique I attached another fabric flower that we've called 'Parisian Rounds'. This embellishment adds a bit of sparkle and a central focal point to the creation.

If you would like to watch a video on how to sew fabric neck appliques onto your clothes, please view my other blog post HERE.

The other trick to updating your wardrobe is to accessorise, accessorise, accessorise! I have built up a collection of handmade brooches in all shapes, colours and sizes, which I can quickly pin to any outfit (tops, scarves, beanies) to change the look. It's so easy to achieve this by hot gluing a variety of fabric flowers and trims onto a felt base & clip tray. To view some ideas please visit my blog post HERE.

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Happy wardrobe-updating!!!