Xmas Wrapping Ideas- with a crafty twist!

Posted by Administrator on 11/18/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

I have a cousin who wraps her presents in the most amazing ways. She colour co-ordinates everything, keeps all the corners perfectly folded, and hides all traces of yucky sticky tape.

Each year I want to take her lead and create masterpieces but each year I leave wrapping too late and I use whatever mish-mash of paper I left in the cupboard!

Not so this year. I have just returned from the shops with paper co-ordinates and with so many trims at hand I am determined to wow my recipients! A great project to use your off-cuts of lace, little doilies & fabric flowers.

Above: plain gold wrapping paper can be adorned with a vintage beige doily, attached using a few strands of rafia.

Above: a lightly printed paper is given a bold lift with a wide strip of gold paper. Use some pretty lace as your accent.

Above: a bold, gold & white paper is accented with a strip of gold paper and a row of beautiful lace. I attached a brooch made of 3 fabric flowers (available on our website)which the recipient will be able to wear for years to come.

Need lace and trims supplies? Hop over to our Little Tee Tee website for a huge variety of goodies to make your Christmas spectacular!