DIY Tutorial - Doily decorative bowls

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DIY Tutorial - Turn a normal, round doily into a beautiful bowl!

DIY - Inspiration. Beaded epaulets.

Posted by on 2/8/2016 to Tutorials / Craft ideas
Upcycle a plain tee with our black, beaded appliques for a funky, new look.

Tutorial: How to make a quick Headband

Posted by Administrator on 5/20/2015
Simple tutorial on how to make a quick and easy headband.

DIY - 8 Ways to Use Bridal Appliques in your Wedding

Posted by Administrator on 2/10/2015 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

8 ways to use bridal appliques in your DIY wedding!

Tutorial: How to make Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

Posted by Administrator on 8/20/2014 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

I have a new obsession.  Embroidery hoop wall art.

Tutorial: How to sew with sequin appliques / patches

Posted by Administrator on 8/12/2014 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

Sew with Little Tee Tee's range of sequin appliques is easier than you possibly imagine!

Tutorial: How to create 'wings' on singlet shirts

Posted by on 8/8/2014 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

neck trim (11a).jpg

Our exclusive 'Kristen' collars can easily transform a plain kids singlet into something stunning ... and all in just a matter of minutes. This project is definitely suited to beginner crafters and can be either hand or machine stitched.

Competition Time - Lace Scrap Pack!

Posted by Administrator on 8/4/2014

DIY Humour

Posted by Administrator on 7/8/2014
I'm a craftaholic on the road to recovery ...

Tutorial: How to sew on chiffon neck trims

Posted by Administrator on 5/26/2014 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

Learn how to sew our new 'Faith' neck trim onto shirts/jumpers.

Tutorial: How to sew with doilies

Posted by Administrator on 5/20/2014 to Tutorials / Craft ideas
Tutorial: How to sew with doilies
Today we'll show you how to sew the actual doily onto a child's singlet, but you can use the same methods to sew it onto a variety of other creations - eg bunting, pillows, cushions, handbags. 

Tutorial: How to make a Shabby Chic Sash

Posted by Administrator on 5/12/2014 to Tutorials / Craft ideas
Tutorial: How to make a Shabby Chic Sash

Whether you want to make a sash to compliment an outfit, or a sash to use in home decor, this tutorial will teach you the simple steps in achieving a gorgeous result.

Tutorial: How to sew with appliques

Posted by Administrator on 4/22/2014 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

Follow these easy steps to attach your chiffon appliques to your creation.

DIY - Easter bunny ears!

Posted by Administrator on 4/4/2014 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

Easter craft!

Tutorial: How to make a Rosette Headband

Posted by Administrator on 3/26/2014 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

Super quick, hot glue gun project to create this sweet headband.

DIY - How to make a lace bridal headpiece

Posted by Administrator on 3/9/2014 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

Save hundreds on your wedding day by making your own bridal headpiece! Cost of this project is a mere $4!!!

Xmas Wrapping Ideas- with a crafty twist!

Posted by Administrator on 11/18/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

Simple ideas for wrapping your Christmas gifts to wow your recipients! A great project to use your off-cuts of lace, little doilies & fabric flowers.

DIY Tutorial - embellishing singlets with fabric flowers

Posted by Administrator on 10/21/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

15min, beginners tutorial on embellishing a singlet using just 5 flowers.  Simple yet stunning!

DIY - How to make fabric flowers / lace flowers

Posted by Administrator on 10/13/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

Handmade lace flowers have to be one of my favourite projects for so many reasons:
  • It's a quick 5 minute project
  • Everyone can do it ... kids included.  And because it is such a quick project they don't get bored because beautiful results are quickly seen
  • The finished project can be used to embellish almost anything!
  • It justifies the existence of my HUGE box of lace scraps!

D.I.Y - How to make a quick & easy fabric flower halo

Posted by Administrator on 9/30/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas


Gone are the days that flower halos are reserved for brides or flowergirls of the '80's. The new breed of bold floral halos brightening up the street-scape. Visit this tutorial to learn who to make your very own fabric flower halo.

Tutorial: How to sew crochet doily sleeves. Part II

Posted by Administrator on 8/13/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

doily no sew.jpg

If you don't have an overlocker - this tutorial is for you! See the easy steps on how to attach doily sleeves to singlets.

Tutorial: How to sew crochet doily sleeves

Posted by Administrator on 8/12/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

doily sleeves tute.jpg

Pretty crochet-sleeved tops are a favourite with my customers, both young and old. I can't crochet to save myself so thankfully it is as easy as cutting a large round doily in half and sewing in place.

DIY - How to make fabric flowers: Attaching fabric flowers to your creations

Posted by Administrator on 8/7/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

I often have customers "where would I use this flower" & "how do I attach them"? My answer is always "On everything!" & "very simply"! Follow our simple instructions on how to use these flowers.

DIY - How to gather lace by hand and by machine.

Posted by Administrator on 7/30/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

hand gather.jpg

Lace has the ability to transform a simple creation into something exquisitely pretty and feminine. Gathering lace is actually quite simple once you overcome your initial nerves at delving into the world of lace. Read on to learn how!

Updating your wardrobe on a budget {neck trims & fabric flowers at the ready}!

Posted by Administrator on 7/16/2013

neck trim 13.jpg

I know I am not alone when I say I have stood in front of my packed wardrobe and commented 'I have nothing to wear'. Here are some inexpensive ways to update your wardrobe using fabric flowers & neck appliques.

High Tea - girls birthday party

Posted by Administrator on 7/3/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas

Last week we hosted a combined 'High Tea' birthday party for both our daughters (6yrs & 8yrs) for 20 of their friends. And what an occasion! I thought I'd share our party planning ideas for anyone contemplating hosting a high tea.

New Fabric Flowers - appliques for DIY craft

Posted by Administrator on 7/2/2013 to NEW Trims Releases
Newly arrived fabric flowers made of soft chiffon, diamantes & pearls.

A World of Lace. How to Store Lace

Posted by Administrator on 6/22/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas
If you are anything like me, storing your growing lace collection can get a little out of control and you'll end up forgetting what you have on hand!

How to Find & Use your Reward Points

Posted by Administrator on 6/11/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas
How to Find & Use your Reward Points

DIY - Pretty flower bunting

Posted by Administrator on 5/26/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas
Prefect for high tea parties, weddings, parties or simply to brighten a room. Learn the easy steps to make this stunning bunting yourself.


DIY Tutorial - Pink & Lilac Headband

Posted by Administrator on 5/20/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas


Step by step instructions on how to make a gorgeous headband using Little Tee Tee trims.

DIY - This seasons Winter Warmers look. Neck warmers/scarves

Posted by Administrator on 5/13/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas
2013-05-14 125520.jpg

With the weather cooling down it is time to start thinking about Winter Warmers ... aka scarves, neck warmers, beanies etc. I have had loads of customers asking about my recommendations for what Little Tee Tee trims to use on their garments. Here are just a few ideas to get you going ...

Behind the Scenes - the Little Tee Tee workroom

Posted by Administrator on 5/12/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas
Read the story behind the business & view photos of our domain.

Felicity photos1.jpg

NEW! DIY Neck trims/embellishments

Posted by Administrator on 5/11/2013 to NEW Trims Releases
Upcycle your plain tops & dresses using the range of Little Tee tee neck trims.

Winner of our $30 Gift Pack announced.

Posted by Administrator on 4/29/2013 to NEW Trims Releases
Details on how you can win our $30 embellishment Gift Pack TODAY!

DIY - How to attach neck trims to singlets.

Posted by Administrator on 4/1/2013 to Tutorials / Craft ideas
Create your own masterpieces using the range of Little Tee Tee trims & embellishments. Here we show you how to create a sweet child's singlet using a Little Tee Tee cotton neck trim. So easy yet so cute!

New Cotton Motif

Posted by Administrator on 3/27/2013 to NEW Trims Releases
Our range of new cotton motif's have been added to our website!

DIY - Vintage-inspired Christmas Wreath

Posted by Administrator on 11/19/2012 to Tutorials / Craft ideas
Want to style a vintage Christmas this year? The doily covered door wreath will make a stunning first impression.

New pearl appliques/bridal trim

Posted by Suzan on 10/11/2012 to NEW Trims Releases
Read about our new LTT range of pearl sew/iron-on appliques!